Appearances are an essential part of Real Salt Lake Women’s community outreach efforts and provide the team the opportunity to generate positive impact throughout the Salt Lake and the surrounding communities. Giving back to the community allows us to support a variety of organizations, which in turn can help those in need. If you are interested in having a member of Real Salt Lake Women participate in your event, run a training session, come speak or do a Q&A and autograph session, please submit the below player request form. ALL REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY USING THIS FORM.

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“If you can dream it, you can do it…” are famous words from Mr. Walt Disney who envisioned, and accomplished, a dynasty of magical kingdoms and animated features. His dreams have been inspiring little girls for decades. But what of little girls who dream of more than princesses? Who would rather have new cleats than glass slippers? Who the cold never bothers on the soccer field? Who prefers teammates to minnions? Who would rather see lights in the sky at Opening Ceremonies than on her birthday? Who dreams of going to a World Cup instead of a prince’s palace?

RSL Women’s team has the answer! Our new mentoring program invites little girls with big dreams to come and train with the RSL Women’s team – not just watch but actually play and learn from Utah’s elite female soccer players. The Women’s team is comprised of accomplished athletes who have played, and are currently playing, college soccer. This team is a forerunner for the first professional women’s team in Utah that will eventually feed to the Olympic and National Teams. What little soccer player wouldn’t want the opportunity to associate with women who have accomplished what they, themselves, have only dreamed? Disney was right, “if you can dream it, you can do it”!

Little girls with big dreams can come and train with the RSL Women’s team – not just watch, but actually play with and learn from Utah’s elite female soccer players. Adolescence can be difficult with so many voices telling, yelling at times, what you should do and who you should be. RSL Women Mentoring Program empowers young soccer players to stay true to their dreams, encourages seeking college opportunities through soccer and gives positive reinforcement through interactions, on and off the field, with mentoring by women who have triumphed over adolescent insecurities and accomplished their goals of playing college and professional women’s soccer. Young players, with stars in their eyes and passion in their hearts, rekindle and increase the passion our Women’s team has for the game and strengthens the dedication they have to each other. This program unites Utah’s female athletes, of all ages , to “Rise to Royalty” in the Real Nation.

Here are the girls that are part of our new RSL Women Mentoring Program:

Bret Everding Brynlee King Haylee Gardner Elizabeth Blair Brynnae Braun Sam Kelley Ryleigh Jenkins

If you'd like to have your child be a part of our Youth Mentorship Program, you can apply here:

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