Dedication To Each Other Kicks Off in 2015

Real Salt Lake Women started their 2015 Campaign traveling to Houston, Texas last weekend. They faced off against two Texas professional sides for their first road test of the season. On Friday May 29th they met up against the Houston Aces losing 2 1. RSL goal scored by Kira Sharp, assisted by Annie Hawkins. RSL Women then took on the Texas Titans on Sunday May 31. They were victorious in this outing with a final score of 2 1. The first goal scored by Kira Sharp, assisted by Annie Hawkins, for the second time these two combined for a goal on the weekend. The second goal scored by Jessica Lynn Vander Veur, assisted by Colette Noel.

Assistant Coach Mark Davis:

Tell us about your overall thoughts on the weekend:

“I was pleased. I thought that the girls played really well. We defended with a purpose, attacked with a purpose.

The first game we came out flat against the Houston Aces. In the first 20 minutes of the match, we got a goal against the run of play and went up 1 nil, and I thought that we played it really well.

We ended up conceding goals in the 70th and 74th minute, back to back. One was a set piece. The other one was just a nice rip from about 25 yards out. The second game we dominated the entire time. We gave up a goal when we were laxed. But I am really pleased with the girls”

Kira Sharp scored in both games. Talk about her performance.

“I subbed Kira Sharp in the first half and her first touch was a goal. I was really pleased with her. She came in and played the number 8 spot extremely well, linked the forwards up with the midfield in the 4 3 3. Which is super important.

The second game was a very similar goal. She started the match and scored the goal in like the 5th minute of the match. She just played really well. She was on it the entire match.”

Are there any other players that stood out over the first weekend?

“Jenny Chiu from North Carolina I thought was phenomenal the first game. Against the Houston Aces she was taking players on, she was tracking back. She created loads and loads of opportunities in the offensive third. It is nice to have a player like her. She played on the U17 National Team for Mexico, plays with North Carolina. She was very, very good. She was really the X factor in getting forward.

You got to talk about Alisa Lowry Christensen and Roxy Tebbs who were phenomenal in the back as well. They maintained possession, they never let anyone behind, super smart, super disciplined.”

Goal Scorer Kira Sharp Take us through both goals that you scored this weekend:

“My goal in the first game was my first touch of the game. It just so happened that right when I subbed in the timing was perfect to have Annie slip me a through ball that put me one versus one with the goalie. I just chipped it up over the goalie. The second goal in the second game was very similar. I started this game and scored in the 5th minute. Annie sent me another through ball this time on the ground, setting me up 1 v 1 with the keeper again. Finishing the ball on the ground just passed the goalie. How were you able to find that success? I think we played great as a team. Annie said to me in the first game that it feels like 2012 all over again. (We made it to the final 4 that year). Annie and I were leaders in goals and assists, which most of our goals were from each other. I thought the same thing after that first goal in Houston. We just flow together well. We think alike as players and I think that’s why we have the chemistry we do on the field. I like to call us the one two punch.”

Head Coach Jeff Ginn is the Assistant Coach for The Real Monarchs. You can see that he fosters a lot of the same type of style of play with the 4 3 3 and possession oriented play with the RSL Women as he does with the Real Monarchs. Come support the #RSLFamily. RSL Women will play at home on Friday June 19th against the Dallas United Aces, and June 21st against Fort Worth Panthers. Their home field is up at the University of Utah. Come out and support the women.

They next travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma June 12 to play against the Tulsa Spirit, and June 14th against the Oklahoma FC. You can follow Real Salt Lake Women on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Shawn Blymiller